7 Day Thailand : Best of both world’s North-South

When it comes to beautiful beaches, no other country can beat Thailand. But, not just beaches Thailand also has great mountains ranges and hill stations. Planning for the perfect itinerary for Thailand can be a cumbersome task as there are so many places to see, one cannot decide where to start and which places to cover.

In this itinerary we are covering Bangkok in Central Thailand, then moving up to Chiang Mai in North Thailand and later to the Beaches and Islands in South Thailand.


The Royal Thai Government launched the “Online Application for Visa on Arrival (VOA)” service to facilitate passport holders that are eligible to apply for visas at the immigration checkpoints on arrival for the purpose of tourism.

Thailand Immigration website: http://www.immigration.go.th/

Below are the Visa fee:

  • Transit visa: 800.- Baht
  • Tourist visa: 1,000.- Baht
  • Non-immigrant visa:
    • single entry: 2,000.- Baht
    • multiple entries within 1 year: 5,000.- Baht
    • multiple entries within 3 years for holders of passports or other travel documents from the Asia-Pacific cooperation group who travel in and out of the Kingdom for business:
  • Immigrant visa: 1,900.- Baht
  • Non-quota immigrant visa:
    • single entry: 1,900.- Baht
    • multiple entries within 1 year: 3,800.- Baht


Day 1: Bangkok

Bangkok is the Thailand’s most populated city and has a lot of attractions to watch out, plus the awesome Thai Food and Amazing Nightlife. Visit Grand Palace which was built in 1782,  and has beautiful architecture and intricate detail. the Grand Palace is a huge complex of Thai temples and historical buildings. nearby is, Wat pho which is a Buddhist temple complex situated directly south of the palace. It has a highly revered Buddha image meticulously carved from a single block of emerald.

Grand Palace

Close to the Palace is Wat Arun also know as the Temple of the Dawn is one of the most stunning temples in Bangkok, the design is unique when compared to other temples and also its location along the river side. Opening hours are 08:00 AM -17:30PM.

After Lunch, go for the klong riverside tour, go round bangkok, enjoy the amazing views on the banks of the Chao Phraya river.

In evening, go for Asiatique The Riverfront shopping complex having a night bazaar and a mall. It has over 1,500 boutiques and 40 restaurants housed under a huge replica warehouse complex. There are lot of party places in Bangkok, so you may choose a club for Dancing or may come to rest to you hotel and prepare for the next day.

wat arun
Wat Arun


Day 2: Chiang Mai

Internal flights in Thailand are not that costly, Take a Flight to Chiang mai in the north. Land of mountains and colorful hill tribes. Check in to your hotel and visit the age-old temples Wat Suan Dok,  Wat Phra Singh and  Wat Chiang Man which are closely located to each other.

Wat Chiang Man

Take a walk for The King’s monument and through the Phae gate walk to the night bazaar. Enjoy some shopping and book your table at any of your restaurants around.

night bazar
Night Bazaar

Day 3: Elephant Camp, Doi Suthep National park

Start your day early for the Mae sa Elephant camp, with their name in Guinness world record  these elephants been trained to paint, play football, dance and perform a string of talent shows. Skills of elephants you have not seen anywhere else !


Closely is Doi Suthep National Park, Enjoy the beauty of waterfalls, nature and wildlife.

Visiting chiang mai night safari is optional, in this activity the visitor will travel by bus to visit two animal zones. The bus leaves at 18:50. The visitor will go to the Savanna Zone. First, the visitors will see animals such as giraffes, zebras and kangaroos. Next at the Predator Zone, the visitor will see many predators such as tigers, lions and hyenas.

Although, the safari offers multiple choices like Digital zoo, Day safari, behind the zoo, Jaguar trail zone and multimedia fountain show.


night safari 1

Day 4: Phuket

Take a flight from chiang Mai to the South, where you will be welcomed by the awesome beaches of Phuket. After checking in, Go for the Patong Beach, At night take a stroll down Bangla Road, many bars with thumping music where the night doesn’t end !



Day 5: Phi Phi/Phang nga

Go for the Island hopping tour where you would be witnessing the true beauty of Thailand. There are many options, you can go for Phi Phi or Phang nga bay (James Bond Island) or you can cover both on different days. Snorkel in clear water and have a view of amazing underwater world.  Enjoy the variety of activities and awesome thai food on the islands.

phi phi


Day 6: Big Buddha, Kata noi

Go for Big Bhuddha in the morning, the huge image of Budhha sits on top of the Nakkerd Hills. Descend to Kata noi Beach which is more on the southwest side of Phuket, Relax on the Beach and admire the beauty of Thailand, soft sand and blue waters. Visit the popular Kata Viewpoint, offering a stunning vista across the three bays of Karon, Kata and Kata Noi.


Day 7: Back to Bangkok

This is the Last day of your trip, Start your day early take a walk around the patong beach. Go for some shopping around the malls. Take the flight back to Bangkok or you can also take a bus (about 12 hours). In Bangkok, You can go for the Chatuchak Weekend Market for shopping. Fly back to your native countries with the awesome memories of spectacular Thailand.


Have a great trip !!

Happy Traveling #findyourtinerary

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