This Girl Clicks Such Amazing Photographs That will Make you Think They are Unreal !!

Do you Believe in magic? Well, We know a traveler photographer who creates magic with her Photographs.

Kristina Makeeva popular as hobopeeba. She is an Engineer, Traveler and Photographer from Moscow, Russia. She has been traveling from past 3 years, has covered over 20 countries and thousands of amazing pictures to show for it.

She has been an inspiration for lot of travelers around the world and We became a fan of her after watching her amazing clicks.

Talking about the equipment’s she has, below is the list:

Canon 5D Mark III, Sony a7r, Leica M6, Fujifilm x-pro1, Kiev 88, iphone 5.
Lenses (basic): Canon 50mm 1.2, Canon 50mm 0.95 Dream Lens, Leica Elmarit-M 28mm 2.8, Leica Elmarit-M 90mm 2.8, Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 180mm 2.8, 3M5M refractor 500mm 8.0, 40-2 85mm 1.5, Wave-3 80mm 2.8

Below are some of her amazing work.

Her recent trip to Japan.

Nara, Japan


Love ❤

nara japan

Akasaka, minoto, tokyo

Japan theme

Fantasies on the theme of Japan

Speading love in Kyoto

Togetherness !


Below are some of the pictures from her trip to Baikal.

Beautiful and Majestic !


5196 km from Moscow. The lake Baikal length of about 600 km.

Beautiful, Isn’t it


The thickness of the ice on Lake Baikal reaches 1.5-2 meters! Ice in different parts of the lake with different patterns. This is due to the fact that water freezes layers.

Like the time has stopped !


Island of amazing beaches MALDIVES

A paradise and relaxation for the eyes. The breeze, the warm sea and soft sand, what else you need.


At Kani, the beaches and the ocean itself is more like beauty.




The dragon river view from flight !

dragon river-min-min



Can’t be more beautiful. what you think?




Makes me remind of Harry potter !


Already flattered by these pictures ?

Well wait, there are more !!


moscow 1

Rains in Moscow

The ever beautiful !



Freezing Rain



Color bombs

She covered a color bomb event and the pictures are more colorful than the event itself.



Cappadocia, Turkey

The magical Cappadocia in winter. In general, across the globe, you can travel endlessly: the same place at different times of the year and the weather have their own charm and beauty. Cappadocia winter we rarely see in the pictures, and there is snow to catch difficult: semi-desert, rain go every three months.

Oh you Beauty !

hot baloon-min-min

Hot balloons !

hot balooon 1-min-min-min


Volcano Bromo, Indonesia.

Just Perfect !


Such amazing talent. What you think?

We thank Kristina for sharing her amazing story with us, You really rocked the world out there and gave serious travel goals to other travelers.

We wish you all the best and looking forward for more inspirations from you.

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Keep Travelling, Exploring and Keep Loving us !



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