Poland 6 Days Itinerary !

If you are planning to travel to Eastern Europe definitely Poland must be in your list, Poland is a country with much history, has an estimated population of 38 million, is a member of the European Union and is one of the countries that does not use Euro as currency, instead has its own currency called Zloty, this makes it one of the most accessible European countries in economic question. Its official language is Polish, which is a Slavic language.

If you come from a country with a warm climate surely this country will be very cold for you and I suggest to visit it in the summer months where temperatures reach up to just over 35 C, on the contrary if you would like to experience subzero temperatures the best months to visit  are from late November to early April where temperatures still reach 0 centigrade.

Below is our 6 Day itinerary for you:

Day 1, Kraków (3 days-2 nights)

This city has a unique charm, while you are walking on this city you can observe its beauty and its cleanliness. Here are some of the most important points to visit once you reach this city.

Main square: Here you will find the Basilica of Santa Maria, souvenir shops, a variety of restaurants with traditional Polish food, cafes, bars and many churches. With weather permitting I’m almost sure you’ll love spending the evening here and you will have your camera full of very nice photos for the memory.

Kazimierz: Known as the Jewish quarter, here you can get to know the synagogues, guided tours explain in detail the suffering of the place and people during World War II, also has a market and is a place with a lot of nightlife.

-Hike on the banks of the Vistula River.



Day 2, Kraków

Wawel castle: For many years was the residence of the kings of Poland, nowadays it is practically a museum of Gothic style. Here is the Cathedral of Krakow, take into account that you have to pay a ticket entrance, inside the Cathedral are not allowed photos. This place is very close to the Main Square and it will be almost impossible that you do not recognize it.


At noon you can take a bus from Krakow Central Station to:
– Auschwitzs-Birkenau Concentration camps: “Auschwitzs-Birkenau” is one of those places you do not want to visit, but you must go at least once in your life. These two concentration camps witnessed the suffering of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust. The entrance ticket includes both fields. Tickets can be booked directly on the website.


Day 3, Wieliczka and Wroclaw (2 days- 1 night)

Wieliczka is a city very close to Krakow, what is relevant here is the salt mine that you can visit, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You can only visit with a guide, there are many languages in which the service is offered and the duration of the tour is approximately 3 hours, at the end of the tour you have the option to eat inside the mine in its restaurant with a variety of Polish dishes. Taking photos requires an extra price. To get here you can do it from Krakow very close to the commercial square “Galeria Krakowska” the number of bus is 304.

I suggest trying to book your entrance to the place early in the Salt Mine so that in the afternoon you can get to Wroclaw. There are several bus companies that offer the service, from Krakow are approximately little more than 3 hours, likewise you can take a train if you prefer.

It is one of the oldest cities in Poland, after World War II had to be rebuilt, its architecture is magnificent, if you are looking for nightlife this city could be of interest, it is built on islands and is linked by more than one hundred bridges.


Depending on your time of arrival in the city and your personal interests will be what you can visit in the evening. These are the most representative places:
– Market Square: is the second largest in Poland, being there you can not miss the Gothic Town Hall, walking you can also reach the Cathedral Island.


– Nightlife: Wroclaw is characterized by having a great nightlife, welcomes many local university students as foreigners, surely in your visit you will find a good place to spend the night according to your interest and your tastes.

Day 4, Wroclaw-Warsaw

-Centennial Hall: Was designed by Max Berg, when the city was under the German empire. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2006.

– Zoo: very close to Centennial Hall there is the zoo, it is one of the oldest in Europe; Here you can pass the morning so that in the afternoon you can travel to Warsaw, the trip takes approximately 5 to 7 hours depending on the type of train and if there was any transfer. If you wish, there are also buses for your transfer.

Day 5, Warsaw (2 days- 1 night)


Capital of Poland, its historic center was virtually destroyed during World War II, was rebuilt again and was proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

-Old town: In the old town you can not miss the statue of the Siren, it is a symbol of the city, you can ask a local about this myth however the original piece is in the Museum of History of Warsaw.

-“New city” and the old town are separated by a wall Barbacana.

-Łazienki: Is a park that is very close to the old town once there you can visit the Palace on the water, is Neoclassical style.

Day 6, Warsaw

– Royal Castle: here you can visit the different royal residences, the royal library, its gardens, oriental display of carpets and an exhibition of the destruction and reconstruction of this castle.


Krakowskie Przedmieście: This street is very famous in the city in it you will find the Presidential Palace, the University of Warsaw, some important churches among others.

-Palace of Culture and Science: this was a gift to the Polish nation from Russia. It has a terrace called “trzydziestka” from where you can have wonderful views of the city, there are only guided tours so I recommend you to schedule yours.


Poland is a country still waiting to be explored, let us know about your next trip to this beautiful country.

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Keep Travelling and Exploring!




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  1. I love Poland specially Krakovia, Warsaw, beautiful landscapes and the border with Germany.
    I enjoy very much your article congratulations it is an excellent review!!!

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