Top Places to Visit in Cancun, Mexico !

Cancun is a tourist destination for all ages, is located in the state of “Quintana Roo” in southern Mexico. The paradisaical beaches of this destination will amaze you with the turquoise blue of its waters, its white sand and the great kindness of the Mexicans.


It is recognized worldwide for its wide variety of tourist offers according to the budget of the client, from 5 star hotels with all inclusive service to hostels with good price per night.


For the comfort of the tourist many of these sites require hiring tours, prices may vary but take into account that they are not cheap but I assure you that they are worth it.

Do not forget that you are in a Mayan area so many of the names you read and hear will come from this indigenous language.

The places mentioned are within the well-known “Riviera Maya”.


Below are the most popular places to visit in Cancun:


This place is an archeological site, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, in 2007 the temple of “Kukulcán” was recognized as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. You can not miss this Mayan settlement, there are many tourist companies that offer the service since this place is just over 2 hours from Cancun.



These Mayan ruins were built right next to the Caribbean Sea, were proclaimed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, once you have done the tour you can bathe in its beautiful beach, so I recommend you bring a backpack with your bathing suit, towel and lots of water, this place is really warm, do not forget a sunblock.


Isla Mujeres

To get there you will have to take a Ferry, on this island there are a multitude of aquatic activities such as swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, kayaking, diving among others.

isla mu-min

Underwater Art Museum: This museum is located off the coast of “Isla Mujeres”. Here you can see more than 470 statues that have been placed under the water, you can do it diving or if you travel with family in a boat with glass that will certainly be submerged so that you can appreciate them.


Isla Cozumel

This island is approximately 60 kilometers away from Cancun, according to history this island was of great importance to the Mayans, so there are also ruins. You can not miss the water activities, Cozumel has beautiful beaches it is possible to visit the island for a day or seek accommodation for more than one night.



It is a family park, here the culture is mixed through recreational activities, shows full of music and lots of color, I recommend that if you are in Cancun dedicate one day to this great park, it is ideal to learn and have fun at the same time,  the place is big so that when you arrive you will be given a map at that time you can decide the activities that you would like to carry out. It is important to mention that there are different types of passes and the prices are different between one and the other.



It is also a family park very similar to Xcaret although the location is different, surely in this moment you will wonder which is better and which is worth visiting, it is a matter of taste, both parks you will see announced on your arrival in Cancun I suggest you check the activities in detail of both parks and decide according to your time and your tastes.



Playa Delfínes

It is a public beach located in Cancun sure that if you ask a local will be able to tell the exact location, it is a quiet beach and a favorite of the locals, it is sheltered by lifeguards and is a perfect place to watch the sunrise or if it you prefer the sunset.


Playa del Carmen

To the south of Cancun, it is worth making a stop in this city also as Cancun is very touristy, there are many public beaches where you can spend the day, there is no shortage in  where to eat the offer is big. To get here from Cancun you can do it by bus leaving the “Central de Autobuses ” do not forget to ask the details in your Hotel or Hostel or by asking a local.

riviera maya-min

Plaza la Isla

Being in Cancun you can not miss visiting this mall is very famous, if you like shopping you must visit this place.

Mercado 28: This market is full of souvenirs, clothing, handicrafts there are also restaurants with specialty in seafood, located in Cancun.

  • The local currency is the Mexican peso, but in many places US dollars are accepted.


Enjoy your Holidays in this Beautiful City !

Happy Traveling !


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