8 Breathtaking Lakes In The USA For Your Summer Vacations !

Everyone wants to cool down in the summer, enjoy mountains, and do sports, all in the same place, so here are some places to travel in USA and have the most incredible experiences in the summers.

Check out our list of beautiful places in United States you can plan to visit:

1. Barton Spring Pool

It’s a pool in the Zilker Park in the  city “Austin”.

The water in the pool is always cold, not matter if it’s summer in the city or winter,since it is from a natural spring. The most of the pool is quite deep.

Between autumn and spring  the admissions are free, but in the hot months, the tickets are 4 dollars per person.



2. Jacob’s Well

It’s located in the town of Wimberley in the state of “Texas”,That well has crystal clear waters, caves and aquifers, those are connected with groundwater, so it’s a great place for  people that want to meet pure waters but in narrow and deep wells.

There you will find four caves, the first is the most visited by tourists ,it’s not very deep, although it reaches the 16 meter (52 ft) of depth. The next 3 caves  are deeper with 40 meter (131 ft) of depth and with narrow access for swimmers.

In the days of summer the photographs and videos taken here are spectacular.



3. Hamilton Pool Preserve

It’s one of the most beautiful natural pools in the state “Texas”. It’s near  the “Austin” city, about 48 km (30 miles) west from the city, you will find it.

To go there you must make to reservation some days before, since in the places they take care of the habitat, and there shouldn’t  be many people in a day.

That pool was formed by a landslide of river many years ago. There you can swim, take a walk close the pool ans see several paths full of vegetation and animals in the area.



4. Tahoe Lake

It’s a large fresh water lake between “ Nevada and California”, it has a large size so you can perform any kind of recreational activities, some activities are ;fishing, excursion, cycling,climbing, and riding  a horse.

That lake is one of the most important in the “United States”,  the servicies of lodging and restaurants  are of very good quality.

In the whole year there you can find musical activities, with internationals and nationals musicals artist.



5. Tenaya Lake

That lake is located within  Yosemite Park  and Tuolumne Meadows, in the state of “California”.

It’s of glacier origin, so its waters are clean and crystalline. Being between mountains there is an extensive zone of pines, by which you can walk. It’s the perfect place for people who wish to rest from a hot day  in total quiet and with the best landscape for your eyes.

Near  to lake you will find lodging sites and within those places you can enjoy swimming pools, ride a horse, cycling by the lake, so if you would like  to do  these activities that place is great for you.



6.  Michigan lake

It’s  surround by states like ; “Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan”. It’s  one of the 5 largest lakes in “North America”, so it’s a great tourist area, where you can stay for several days.

That great lake  seems to be a sea, because it has  beaches with amazing landscape of the cities of “Michigan and Chicago”, and also mountains with lots of trees  from  parks that are near.

There you can do water sports like; swimming, fishing, take some jet ski or if you prefer  to walk a few meters on the  lake shore, where you will find different types  of beaches with rocks and white sands.

In Michigan lake you will want to spend a long vacations with your  family and friends.




7. Havasu Falls

If you want to visit the “Grand Canyon National Park” and swim in one of the most magical waters of the “United States” , then you should know that place called “Havasu Fall” it’s  south “Grand Canyon”. To 5 hours from the city of “Phoenix”, There is a place that the natives of the state of “Arizona”called Supai are those who care  for and protect  the  region, and also help tourists to reach their destination. The natives who live in the area are always helpful.

You can reach “Havasu Fall ” by helicopter, riding horse or walking 13 Km(8 miles). No matter how you arrive, all time and money will be worth it, it’s one of the most magical and exuberant places on the planet.

Take photos and rest there in summer is a great idea.



8.  Madison Blue Spring

To north of “Florida” state, approximately 16.2 km (10 miles) from the city of “Madison” you will find  this wonderful lake in Madison Blue Spring Park Lee. There you can take a walk on paths full of vegetation, which will make you connect with the nature. You can swim in the lake or dive, these 2 options will allow you to see underwater caves. Although you can  also rent a canoe and do the tour of the lake.

It’s  one of the best places to meet in the “Florida” state,the water and landscapes will leave you  breathless,  no matter if it is summer  or winter, it will  always be an  incredible place.


The best idea is to camp one day as the place is far from the main cities of the states “Las Vegas” and ”Phoenix”.

Let us know your favorite destinations this Summer !

Keep Exploring !



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