Must Visit Places in Cartagena de Indias – Colombia

Cartagena de Indias is the capital of the state of Bolivar in “Colombia”. Its average temperature of 30 °C  (86 °F), its beautiful streets, its colonial architecture, excellent beaches, nights of great diversion and gastronomy, make Cartagena one of the loved tourist places in the Colombian Caribbean area.

With its Spanish Baroque style, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Many major cities around the world have direct flights to this city.



Tourist places:

Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas (Castle of San Felipe de Barajas)

It’s a castle built on a hill called “San Lorenzo”, it’s was built in times of colonization by Spanish people and African slaves, with the purpose of protect of the city colonized of others foreigners like  French, English and Pirates.

It’s was recognized as one  of the 7 wonders in Colombia and world heritage in 1984.

Inside the castle you will see tunnels,war cannons, artillery, and a spectacular view to the sea and the city of “Cartagena”.




Murallas de Cartagena (Walls of Cartagena)

Other great structure that “Cartagena” has, are those walls, which protected the city from the attacks.

That construction is one the most important and largest walls in whole “South America”, for that it’s a patrimony of humanity declared by UNESCO.

If you make a tour you will see on one side the old side of the city and in front the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, You will also appreciate large new buildings, apartments and hotels for citizens and tourists. If you go with family or as a couple you can have coffee with the most marvelous views of the coastal sunset.

Murallas Cartagena_3-min


Torre de reloj (Clock Tower)

It is a building that was originally made as a place to enter the city, entering through the tower will let you see the “Plaza de Antano”, a plaza highly passed by pedestrians.

Around the tower there are several restaurants, bars, hotels, where you can share with your partner, family or friends. The nights there are enchanting by the lights that illuminate all the infrastructure.



Palacio de la Inquisición (Inquisition Palace)

Known as an important site in the city, this museum was a place where there were jails, because there were people  who were tortured and judged ’cause they were against the Christian faith. It is a museum where you can see the old Spanish architecture.



Playas La boquilla, Bocagrande, Castillo Grande and El Laguito (La Boquilla, Bocagrande, Castillo Grande and Laguito Beaches)

The waters of the pacific ocean are warm and beautiful colors, so La Boquilla beach is a beautiful place to rest, it is a very quiet place, as it is not very crowded besides having near restaurants with a menu of very good quality.

Bocagrande, Cartagena, Colombia

The Bocagrande beach is a highly transited beach since nearby there are several important hotels of Cartagena, in addition there are many restaurants and discos, if you want to be in a place where you  can have all , that place is  your better option. 


Finally after the beach Bocagrande, there is the beach Castillo Grande and El Laguito, is the most prestigious area of the city of Cartagena, not only has hotels, beautiful landscapes and delicious food, but it is also the preferred area for new Buildings, making the area the most modern of the coastal city. There you can do water sports, take night walks along the shore of the bay of Cartagena. 


Isla Barú y Playa Blanca (Barú Island and White Beach)

The Baru Peninsula or Baru Island, is located south of “Cartagena” about 45 minutes by boat and approximately 1 and 30 minutes by car, if you read it good, by car you can reach that beautiful place, since a few years ago the city decided to Build a bridge to communicate the city  with the island, if you go there by car you will see landscapes full of flora and fauna, while if you go by boat you can find the fort of San Fernando, this place built almost entirely in stone in the eighteenth century, is a National Heritage. Always the captains of the boats make a stop there to show  the constructions to the tourist.


Minutes before arriving at your final destination that is the island Baru you can also appreciate small private islands with pretty buildings, their owners are famous people and millionaires. There are other islands that are public, such as the Pirate Island where you can spend almost a whole day, this is a place with beautiful views and very far from the city of Cartagena. 


Finally on the island Barú you can see beautiful beaches, some are private, but the most beautiful is public and is called White Beach, it is called Playa Blanca (White Beach), white because its sand is white and in contrast to the crystal clear waters of the Colombian Atlantic Ocean, you  can see a beautiful landscape.



Important and historic statues of Cartagena

India  Catalina : Statue made in bronze, remembering an important character of Colombia’s history, she was a key person for those Spanish who wanted to apply their customs and religious beliefs to the native Indians and African slaves who lived in “Cartagena”.

She was also called “India of the Languages.” Her statue is located between “Avenida Pedro de  Heredia and Avenida Venezuela.”



Muelle de los Pegasos: Two statues of Greek horses, in front of the beautiful bay of Cartagena, located between the Convention Center and Camellón de los Mártires, is an important dock where important boats depart to Colombian islands such as the Rosario Islands. On one side you can see the clock tower, which previously named and on the other side of the pier an important park of the city called Centennial Park, where you will see wild animals from the region. 



Las Botas Viejas: (Old Boots)

These giant boots are sculptures made in bronze, in homage to a great poet of the region “Luis Carlos López”, where in his greatest work mentions; Their old shoes .. They are located behind the fort or castle of San Felipe de Barajas.



Gorda Gertudris de Cartagena: Made in bronze by the great Colombian artist and sculptor Fernando Botero, was a gift that he gave to the city of Cartagena and taken from Florence, Italy to Colombia. It is located in the Plaza Santo Domingo.



Barrio Getsemani (Neighborhood Getsemani)

An old neighborhood of the city of Cartagena, is a great tourist place for those foreigners who want to drink delicious Colombian coffee or enter a good place to dance and listening music. Its structures have been remodeled by foreigners who have put their businesses there, but its streets full of colorful and spectacular graffiti you will not want to forget this place in your visit. It is quite visited by celebrities.


Enjoy your time in this beautiful city !


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