Eat your way through NYC!

No room service? No problem! Here’s a list of places serving a variety of food, all within a fair budget! As mentioned before, I have been the city several times and while I must have forgotten most of the places I ate at, my favorites still stuck with me even from four years ago. The location of these amazing places range from Brooklyn to Union Square,  so depending on where you are considering to vacay, at least one of these place should be nearby!

first one

The Kati Roll Company

I had lunch here on my second day in the city. I had been to a different location before, but this one was located at 49 West and 39th Street, behind the hotel. Their food was really top-notch, well prepared and you could tell it was fresh. I’d suggest trying one of their unda (egg) meat rolls which was basically a wrap with eggs, your choice of meat (they had different ones on the menu) and some vegetables in it. Its good for a light meal, if you’re looking to not feel that afternoon laziness kick in after a big lunch to walk around the city.

The Kati Roll Company - NYC


Perfect for some post city-touring dessert, they make really amazing gelato.  The place is an ice-cream shop and they also serve coffee. I’ve been here two times and they serve the gelato in a cute flower shape decoration. Personally, I prefer their Tiramisu and other coffee based gelatos for myslef in a cone. They have a really nice variety of flavors! Of all the different places on this list, this is the ice-cream shop I’d swear by!!

Image result for Amorino's new york ny usa

Max Brenner

Literally anything that can be chocolate, is found either with or as chocolate here. They serve desserts along with regular food, with a chocolate twist obviously! A bit on the pricier side if you’re looking for a simple hot-chocolate but its totally worth it. Food is something I’m usually willing to spend good money on if it means eating (or drinking) quality stuff. Go here for a proper meal or dessert, they got everything. Located close to Union Square, nice stop for a quick hot chocolate after hitting up the Winter Market I mentioned in my previous blog post: Exploring NYC!

Image result for Max Brenner new york ny usa


This place is one of those classic burger joints that never gets old. I’ve tried their Chicken Tenders which comes with a choice of different dips (honey mustard for me please) and they actually serve a good amount of food for the price. There are several locations throughout the city. If you’re coming into NYC via the Port Authority Bus Terminal, there is one right outside the entrance/exit, perfect after a bus trip.

Image result for Schnipper's new york ny usa

Main Noodle House

This place was a savior when I was staying at the hotel in the middle of Manhattan and we needed take-out. Now usually, there will be a lot of places you can go to for food if the hotel doesn’t have room service available. We found this Chinese place not even two blocks away from our hotel. Their portions were pretty decent too- no complains. Their chicken dumplings and Pad Thai noodles was on point. And I have to admit, it took us two sittings to finish the Pad Thai itself.

Image result for Main Noodle House new york ny usa

Aunt Jake’s (Little Italy)

So, I went here with my friends when I was on spring break after a whole day of walking around in the American Museum of Natural history. They handcraft their own pasta and while the menu doesn’t have a lot of pasta options, it does give you the classics. I tried the Arrabiata sauce with their penne pasta and absolutely loved it!

Related image

Yaya Tea Garden (Chinatown)

Bubble tea anyone? I really got into bubble tea in my second year of college and I have not been able to stop myself since. I visited their joint in Chinatown, after getting dinner at Aunt Jake’s. Went for my standard order of mango green tea and was not disappointed.

Image result for Yaya Tea Garden new york ny usa

Pho Tay Ho (Brooklyn)

This was my first experience trying Vietnamese food and I was really awestruck by how good the food was. I went here with a group of friends- one of my friend who was a Brooklyn local had been here a lot and was able to advise us on what to eat. I got a Pho- which is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup. I wasn’t even able to finish my entire dish because it was so much- but oh so good!

Photo of Pho Tay Ho - Brooklyn, NY, United States

Visit these amazing places and get that unforgettable taste !!

Keep Exploring !


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