Mexican Gastronomy

The Mexican gastronomy has prevailed and transcended through the years, is a combination of history and modernism. On November 16th, 2010 was recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.

Diversity is a primordial feature of Mexican gastronomy without forgetting that the base of this one comes practically of the pre-Hispanic time, being the maize, avocado, nopal, beans, chilli among other indispensable ingredients in each dish.

Bellow you will find 12 dishes that you should try during your visit to Mexico. 

Chiles en Nogada

This dish is from the state of Puebla, it is practically composed of a chilli pepper called “Poblano”, this one is stuffed with some meat stew however in case of being vegetarian or not eating meat, this can be replaced by fruits, covered with cream, walnut, pomegranate and parsley, which symbolizes the 3 colors of the Mexican flag.



It is made from corn and can be chicken or meat usually pork, according to the region Pozole can be red or white, accompanied by lettuce, cucumber and radish.



There is a wide variety of tamales it is not known exactly in what region they originated from what is sure is that it was a basic dish among the Indigenous, some may be covered with banana leaf or corn, these may be stuffed with chicken, chili, cob or meat.



It is a word of origin “Nahuatl” (molli) that refers to the combination of sauces. It is said that the Aztecs prepared a very similar dish. The Mole is usually chicken and is a dish par excellence in Mexico.



It is a base of fried tortilla and can be practically anything, beans, chicken, meat, even ham or just cream with a little salt.



It is a tortilla stuffed with chicken, meat or even pure cheese, served with a sauce that can be green or red, according to the type of “enchilada” is accompanied with lettuce and cheese, this dish is a favorite of Mexican cuisine. The color of the sauce depends on the chilli peppers you put on it.

enchi verde-min

enchi roja-min


This is a dish generally for breakfast, prepared with chunks of fried tortilla, these pieces are soaked with green or red chilli and can be accompanied with meat, chicken or eggs, usually served with beans, cheese and avocado.




Comes from Nahuatl (atolli) is a drink that is served as hot as possible, there are diversity of flavors such as rice, vanilla, strawberry, guava, pineapple among others is usually accompanied with tamales.


Torta ahogada

It is a typical dish of the state of Jalisco. It is prepared based on a salty bread known as “birote” typical of the region, submerged in different sauces, it is stuffed with meat, it is customary to add slices of onion. It is a typical dish to cure the “cruda” best known around the world as a hangover because of the amount of chilli that it has.


Pescado Zarandeado 

It is a typical dish of the states like Sinaloa and Nayarit, it is a fish cooked to the embers and carries a mixture of species that make of this dish unique by its flavor.



Mexico is known for tacos, they can be practically anything, from a simple avocado taco to cooked stews for hours,the typical mexican tacos are especially of meat, but as I mentioned can even be of salt. Yes, as you read is very typical to kill hunger, make a tortilla with salt and if you are lucky in many “tortillerías” (place where they make and sell tortillas) have salt and even sauce for customers. There are tacos of  fish, meat, chicken, vegetables like carrot, rajas which is chilli with corn, cream tacos among others. Do not forget that the lemon is part of the mexican cuisine specially for the tacos.




They are a type of tortilla fried in lard of small size, on the “sope” are added different ingredients that can be of chicken, meat or vegetarian style.


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