Maule Region Chile – Like Never Seen Before !

Maule Region is in central Chile and is a major wine-producing region. It’s traversed by the Maule River, which flows west from the Andes through the huge Colbún Lake.

The region is drained in the north by the Mataquito River the tributaries of which (the Teno and Lontué rivers) rise in the Andes, and by the Maule River in the central part,

The Reserva Nacional Radal Siete Tazas is famed for its rock formations, turquoise pools and waterfalls.

Maule region is a treat for the adventure and nature lovers. These pictures are just a glimpse of this amazing place !

All these are clicked by Roberto Caceres Matus, A Software Engineer working in Banco de Chile and an photography enthusiast.

Here are some of the pictures from his recent trip.

On the Roads !


and it leads to this beautiful place……



The Serene mountains !!


thought it can not get more beautiful than this ?

Well.. Wrong.. Check out below…


The amazing sunset view


and even more beautiful night sky !


The next morning… into the wild !



Way to the Jungle


We all love wolf’s.. don’t we !


Here is the man behind all these pictures.


Thank You Roberto, For sharing with us your amazing adventures and pictures of this amazing place.

We all know Chile is a beautiful country but thank you for showing us The Unseen Chile !


Thank you,

Love #FindYourtinerary

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