Top Places to Visit in Budapest

It is the capital of Hungary and is also the most populous city in this country. It is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Certainly when thinking about Budapest the first image that comes to mind is the beautiful Parliament of the city, however, this impressive city has more interesting facts that must be known, some examples are:

  • Budapest was not always the capital of Hungary.
  • Parliament is the third largest in the world.
  • Here is one of the sacred tombs for Islam, the tomb of Gül Baba.
  • There is a Synagogue of the “Record Guinness”.
  • Famous for its hot spring spas.

Below are the places of interest in your visit to Budapest:


Famous for its architecture, it is undoubtedly the best known place in Budapest, it is located right next to the Danube River.

Going to the parliament and not appreciating its interior would be almost an unforgivable visit, its interior is decorated with marble and gold. There are guided tours in several languages.

A very peculiar fact is the case of the Hungarian architect Imre Steind, man responsible for carrying out the plan for the construction of the Parliament, just a few months before its inauguration went blind.

Here is the office of the Prime Minister and also the offices of the President of the Republic of Hungary.




Monument of the Shoes

It is very close to the parliament, close to the chain bridge and on the banks of the Danube.

In 2005 artists Gyula Pauer and Can Togay created this monument honoring the Jews during World War II, they were forced to take off their shoes before shooting them and throwing them into the river.



Chain Bridge

The first bridge to unite Buda with Pest, was built in the nineteenth century, officially takes the name of Szécheny Bridge in honor to its creator, nevertheless during World War II the Germans destroyed all the bridges and was in 1949 when it was the new reconstruction.



Liberty Bridge

For many it is the most beautiful bridge in the city, even above the Chain Bridge.
It is located in the southern part of the city center. It was designed by Feketeházy János, and built between 1894 and 1896.




Central Market

This place is very big, but despite its greatness is kept clean and there are usually many people, from tourists to local who make their purchase in this market, here you can find all kinds of souvenirs and typical Hungarian food.



Matthias Church 

Work of the architect Frigyes Schulek. It is the most famous neo-Gothic Catholic church in the city. The official name is “Church of Our Lady” in reference to the virgin Maria who is patrona of Hungary. Its construction began in the eleventh century and its current form was due to the restoration of the nineteenth century. It is located on the hill of Buda and we can not forget that it is part of the Patrimony of Humanity.

It has an exceptional acoustic and that is why concerts of classical and organ music are held.



Fishermen’s Bastion

A few meters from Matthias Church is this beautiful place, its construction finished after two decades in 1902.
If the weather allows you,you´ll observe the spectacular views of the city and the parliament, at nightfall you will see Pest illuminated.

Fisherman's_Bastion,_Hungary_-_Budapest_(28388298082)-min (1)



Buda Castle

Also known as Royal Palace, as it was the residence of the kings of Hungary.
After World War II was very damaged by what the new communist government of that time began the reconstruction in Neoclassical style.



Hungarian State Opera House

One of the most important and beautiful buildings of the city. It is in Pest and you can know it thanks to the guided tours that last about an hour, or if you wish you can buy a ticket for some function.



St. Stephen´s Basilica

It is the largest catholic church of Budapest, next to the parliament are the biggest buildings of the city. It was completed after 54 years and its best-known architect was Miklós Ybl.


Near this basilica you will find many bars and restaurants, do not forget to drink the local beer and eat the local food which is a delight.




One of the most photographed places is this place dedicated to the heroes who lost their lives in search of Hungarian freedom.



Dohány Street Synagogue

It is the second largest in the world, has 3, 000 seats and was built between 1854 and 1859. It was used as a stable during World War II and as a German radio base.

It can be visited, remember if you are  woman wear appropriate clothes you should cover your shoulders and if you wear skirt or short it must be under the knees. If you are man you will be given a “Kipá” that you must put in your head, since it is mandatory to use it in places of Jewish worship.




Margaret Island

An island in the middle of the river — sounds like a movie but Budapest makes this happen. The island is green filled with beautiful bicycle and walking routes, a musical water fountain (best seen at night) , and lovely pools and spa, Crystal clear geo-thermal water in the water park – highly recommended for a day of fun.

There are also lovely flowers in the middle of the island, a small Japanese garden and a charming old church.

Access is via Margaret Bridge (Margit Hid). You can also get a bus which takes you into the Park itself.

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Keep exploring !


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