Top 10 Tourist Places in Panama

Surely you have heard this name several times, but do you really know its exact location?

Its official name is Republic of Panama and it is located in the southeast of Central America, its capital is named “City of Panama”, being also the largest city of the country.

This country was part of Colombia nevertheless 3rd November, 1903 it got separated. Not forgetting that both countries became independent from Spain. The official language of Panama is Spanish and its currency is the US dollar, Balboa.

Panama is a country that offers a great beauty, from its skyscrapers, its beaches, its food, but above all the quality of its people.

In this article we will talk about 10 places that you should not miss in your visit to this wonderful country.



1.- Canal de Panamá: 

To know this place, the best option is to go to the Visitor Center of Miraflores (Centro de Visitantes de Miraflores), from here you can observe the boats crossing the two oceans, know the history of the canal, and many other activities.



2.- Old Town, Panama City

You will notice the contrasts between this type of Spanish colonial architecture and its skyscrapers in the other part of the city; If nightlife is concerned here there are a variety of places to spend an unforgettable evening.

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3.- Parque Nacional Soberanía

If you like hiking, this place is for you, was founded in 1980, this park constitutes one of the basic pillars for the operation of the Panama Canal, there are several hiking with different degrees of difficulty, according to its worldwide fame here can be observed a large number of birds. It has an approximate distance from Panama City of about 28 km. With a schedule of 8am to 4pm.




4.- Boquete

It is a small town that is located near the border with Costa Rica, chosen as one of the favorite places to rest and to know the rich flora and fauna that this place offers, its main attraction is the inactive “Volcano Barú”, among its activities are rafting and kayaking along the rivers, hiking in the mountains, golf and horse riding.




5.- Bocas del Toro

If you enjoy the Caribbean, this place is perfect to see the blue color of its beaches, promote eco-tourism and is an ideal place to enjoy the sun and its tourist activities to the fullest.  official website 



6.- Islas San Blas

365 islands, are to the east of the Panama Canal, of which only 80 are inhabited.




7.- Colón

It is the second most important city of Panama, is a port city on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. This place is chosen by many since it is an area of import and re-export of diverse products of the world, reason why many tourists come of purchases and to know the gastronomy. You can reach by the motorway from the capital less than an hour away.



8.-  Portobelo

can be reached by sea or by land; it is said that Christopher Columbus arrived in Portobelo on his fourth and last trip to America. Guided tours are organized from Panama City.



9.- Los Santos

It is said that here is heard the best and traditional Panamanian music, here you can also enjoy beaches, walk and see many sea turtles.



10.- Mercado de mariscos

In Panama City is said to be the best place to try the gastronomy and even better if it is seafood, as they are fresh and of good quality.



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