How to Make Most of Your 2 Days in Mumbai !

Mumbai is a city which never sleeps !

Its a captivating city which is full of life and enthusiasm. Sometimes it becomes difficult to cope up with the fast paced lifestyle of Mumbaikars.

The following itinerary could be hectic as we are suggesting many things to do in a day, You can mix both, This way you’ll experience the real feel of Mumbai.


Before Starting Your Day 

Carry the below list of items as it would be very helpful. Start early on Day 1, buy them off the sidewalk/local stores and then begin your day.

  • Mineral Water – Always keep a bottle with you. The heat can get quite unbearable during summer afternoons.
  • City Map – An excellent city-map of Mumbai with detailed listings. Familiarize yourself with it before you begin, or alternatively trace your route on it.
  • BEST Bus Route Map – Thanks to the density of bus routes in the city, the map is quite hard to decipher. Although bus routes are listed in the itinerary, you may have to find out about a few others if you plan to mix/match the order of the sights. People are very helpful in general. Check the BEST Route Finder for detailed information on the routes. The map is available at news stands.
  • Mumbai Local Train Map – Mumbai local almost covers up entire Mumbai so best you have a Map and learn about the routes, it would be helpful during your entire day and you will surely save some bucks.

Day 1

Day 1 races you through South Bombay, the center of Mumbai’s cultural and business scene.


Mumbai is famous for its street food. So how about skipping you Hotel breakfast and fulfill your taste buds on the street. Songs have been written about Bombay’s street food, and the hype is justified. You can try bhelpuri followed by a vada pav or opt for Pav Bhaji or Puri Bhaji !, and cool off with a refreshing glass of coconut or mango juice.

Catch a local train heading south to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Gaze in awe at the red facade, brass grills and the large entrance clock, each a perfect example of Victorian Railway architecture. After that, it’s time to head down to Apollo Bunder and watch the pigeons at the Gateway of India, the icon of the city.


To do this, it is best to walk south down the Colaba Causeway, shopping as you stroll along. Turn left into Shivaji Marg after a mile and you will see the Gateway after half a mile. If you feel tired along the way, hop onto Bus 2LTD, 22LTD, 43 or 44. Spend the rest of the morning near the Gateway, and have lunch at one of the Taj’s restaurants, where you can expect a gourmet experience.



Take Bus 132 or 70 to the Churchgate Station. Visit Mumbai’s two cricket stadiums, the Brabourne and the Wankhede, both a stone’s throw away. Catch any train from Churchgate station or simply take a cab to hop off at Marine Lines which is the next station from Churchgate. Welcome to Marine Drive, an arc-shaped road that sweeps a promenade running from Malabar Hill to Nariman Point. Cross the road and you’ll find yourself at Chowpatty Beach. Lie down in the sand and relax. Take a dunk in the Arabian Sea. If you’re bored, stroll around, watching the traffic swirling past, eating a plate of bhelpuri or any other street food !



As the sun sets, prepare for a short walk around the Kala Ghoda district. If you’re not feeling energetic enough to take a bus, opt for a CoolCab, the blue-and-gray air-conditioned taxis. Get off at The Prince of Wales Museum, renowned for its ivory statuettes, Mughal paintings and objets d’art. Don’t spend more than an hour here as the museum shuts by 6PM. Note that it is closed on Mondays.


After that, hit Mello Road and you will see the magnificent Esplanade Mansion. Turn left and walk past the Old Secretariat and the David Sassoon Library. Follow your route to the University Road using your road map, and visit the Bombay University Fort Campus. If you still have time to spare, you can select any of the following sights. All of them are equally impressive.

  • Rajabai Clock Tower – 78m high, adorned with figures representing various Indian communities
  • High Court – The building looks like a fortress and is the second largest public building in the city
  • Army & Navy Building – A departmental store in the early ’90s, it now houses many offices of the Tata group


Walk further down the causeway and relieve yourself at the famous Leopald’s Café. That’s it for Day 1. Take a taxi back to your hotel.


Day 2

Day 2 races you through the attractions that you missed out on Day 1. More beaches and more shopping !!


Make your way to Mumbai Central and walk around Bombay’s midtown, an extremely busy neighborhood that is considered the heart of Mumbai.


Afternoon and Evening

Choose between Shopping or Beach.


Mumbai is a shopper’s paradise. Start off at Kemp’s corner, where you could buy some nice old second-hand books and antiques at rock bottom prices. After that, move on to Inorbit, one of Asia’s largest malls, where you can buy trendy upmarket wear, electronics, cosmetics, gifts and books. Eat at any of the 15 restaurants and cafes, or try India’s largest food court on the third floor.

Link Road (the same street on which Inorbit is located) has plenty of good shops.


Beach Chilling

Mumbai has plenty of beaches from which to choose. Start off by strolling down the Bandra Promenade, marveling at the promenade. Follow that up with Juhu, famous for its bhelpuri and infamous for the litter strewn all over the area. If you want to see some clean but otherwise pretty boring beaches, go north in a local to the suburbs of Northwest Mumbai and get off at any any of the Western Line stations. Goregaon is another option in the same area, and is home to the Bollywood filmcity.

Once you’re done, eat dinner at one of the numerous Udupi restaurants, where you can savor delicious idlis or dosas, served with piping hot sambhar.


Be safe

Mumbai is a safe city and violent crime is fairly low. However, beware of pickpockets and keep your money safely in your wallet.

Keep Planning and Keep Traveling !!


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