10 International Destinations For First-Time Backpackers !

Backpacking across the globe can broaden your horizon, providing memories like no other — a unique experience of a lifetime. If you’re finished with school or just need a new adventure in your life, take some time to see the world this way.

Travelling is all about learning, it’s about educating yourself about the world, about life. It has endless lessons to teach. Each and every place in the world has a charm of their own.

Here are top 10 destinations for firsttime backpackers who are looking for a solo adventure.


Australia is easily one of the best places to travel solo for the first time. English is their first language, tourism is a huge industry and the whole place is geared up for backpackers! Outside of the major cities there is so much to explore, from the Great Barrier Reef to the infamous Outback and impressive coastline.

Sydney, Australia
great barrier
Great Barrier Reef



Eat, Pray, Love your way through this awe-inspiring country! We don’t judge. Backpacking India is both easy and inexpensive. Foggy hill stations, entrancing beaches, historical monuments, grand deserts, composed backwaters, rich wildlife, diverse pilgrimage sites, etc. make the country a must visit destination.

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Agra Tajmal.jpg
Taj Mahal, Agra

New Zealand

New Zealand is a great place to travel solo. With heaps to see and do, loads of hostels to choose from and a wide range of destinations, we think New Zealand could easily become one of the favorite places. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, avid hiker or a Lord of the Rings fanatic, New Zealand is perfect for all types of backpackers.

new zealand.png
Mitre Peak


Indonesia is one of the best places to backpack, with literally thousands of islands for to explore. If you are scratching your head about where to start, head to Sumatra, where you can take in the morning mist from the window of a cozy lodge, listen to the wild monkeys’ calls, or read a book by the waterfall. If you prefer the sound of beachside yoga, Sumba Island is for you. It’s only 400km away from Bali, with equally exciting snorkeling, surfing, and fishing.

Bali, Indonesia



Peru is a country situated in South America. With its world-famous rainforests, ruins and beaches, It is really an amazing and cheap place to visit. It’s best to have a little Spanish under your belt, as most of the population does not speak English. Backpacking Peru will be an unpredictable, unforgettable adventure for sure.

Machu Picchu


Thailand is a gorgeous country for first-time backpackers to visit and it is a Southeast Asian country. This place is very popular not only among backpackers but also among various another tourist worldwide. It is perfect for budget-conscious backpackers looking for a tropical land with a rich culture and world-class cuisine.

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Sandy Beach


Turkey has become an increasingly popular backpacker destination due to its spectacular landscapes and unique history as the bridge between Asia and Europe. The pulsating culture, famed food, and immense history make the country a paradise for first-time backpackers. A few popular destinations in Turkey consist of Istanbul, Cappadocia, Goreme, Icmeler, Urgup, Dalyan, and Kalkan.

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Istanbul, Turkey


Ready for some serious backpacking? Nepal offers more than just living out of a backpack. Home of Mount Everest and the Garden of Dreams, this country shares a border with Tibet and India. The country has thousands of miles of backpacking trails and treks that are filled with mountain vistas and unending skies. It is a classic destination for backpacking on a budget.




Nicaragua offers plenty of Central American charm for backpackers without the hefty prices. After seeing the colonial buildings of Granada, drive 20 minutes to the town of Masaya, where the volcanic lake Laguna de Apoyo dazzles visitors with its warm, bright blue waters. December through February are the best months to travel to this place.

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Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua


Vietnam is incredibly backpacker friendly, and not just in prices. The country has plenty of sights, activities, and things to do that are either free or can be done for just a few dollars. It is a Southeast Asian country famous for its beaches, Buddhist pagodas, museums, rivers and lively cities.

Scenery of Sapa

Basically what I’m trying to get across here is that you shouldn’t be afraid to travel solo for the first time and there are plenty of options to choose from all over the world!

I know going on your own can seem scary, but seriously once you hit the ground those fears will soon disappear and you’ll wonder why you even worried to begin with!

Have you gone solo already?

Which countries would you recommend as the best places to travel solo?


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