8 Reasons to visit: Nuremberg, Germany

When most people think about visiting Germany, they mainly think of visiting Berlin the capital or the other larger cities such as Munich or Dusseldorf.

Nuremberg, a delightful historic city located in Bavaria often gets overlooked, as not many people could name one thing about the place. I’m going to give you 8 solid reasons why a trip here should be part of anyone’s travel itinerary! Whether that be you fancy a cheap get away to beat the ‘Blue Monday’ blues, or whether you are thinking of travelling to Germany and have a plan of which cities to visit, definitely think of adding at least a 2-day stop here!

1. Cheap flights!

If you are UK based like myself, companies such as Ryannair have excellent deals on flights currently for the end of January and also upto April, flights are £12.74* one-way! or even on flight websites such as Skyscanner or Google flights, you can find excellent deals for around £20.

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2. Drink…..red beer!

Nuremberg is famous for its ‘Rotbier’ which has been brewed since the middle ages. Nuremberg breweries follow local regulations for Rotbier. These regulations strictly regulate what ingredients can be used. It is a bottom-fermented beer, were the fermentation process is done slowly and at low temperatures. For this reason, the yeast that’s added to the beer falls to the bottom. There are many cave cellars dating back to the middle ages which you can get guided tours around. An easily drinkable beer, for those connoisseurs amongst us!


3. Eat….sausages!

Something to soak up all that red beer, Germany is well known for its sausages, however the most proud city may go to Nuremberg. The Nuremberg sausage, must be no longer than 9cm and no heavier than 25g. What distinguishes the Nuremberg sausage or ‘Rostbratwürste’ as its known, from those found in other parts of the country is not its small size, but its longevity – they’ve been making this delicacy here for 700 years. Take a bite of history, as this is sold at many street food stands throughout the city.


4. Visit….The Palace of Justice

Perhaps this might ring a bell to some, but the famous ‘Nuremberg trials’ were held here. Situated a little out of the city but still on the ‘U-Bahn’ route. This famous court room was were the Nazi perpetrators of WW2 were finally taken to Justice. It is very informative, with a museum and audio to listen along to in your own language, as well as the courtroom were they were finally brought to justice for their horrific crimes against humanity. For those interested in WW2 history, this one is for you.

Note- entry costs €6 however you can upgrade to a municipal museum ticket for €3 extra to get you into a whole host of attractions/ museums.


5. Visit….The Castle

For the history buffs amongst us, take a walk upto the castle, and get fabulous views looking out over the beautiful terracotta roofs of typically Germanic fairy tale looking buildings. This medieval castle has always been a focal point of the city. You can purchase different tickets as entry into different parts of the castle, or just wander around the grounds.


6. Visit…..Albrecht Durers house

The family home and birth place of the famous artist, famous for being a bit narcissistic….basically he invented the ‘selfie’ before it was cool! He was famous for his self-portrait, that at a time when artist’s made their money from commissioned work, and portraits, he decided to draw a portrait of himself in such great detail, that it baffled art historians even to this day! He was also very famous for his line-work, great attention to detail and also print-making, used to illustrate books. A wander round his house transports you straight back to 15th century Germany, and the exterior looks something straight out of a Grimm fairytale.


7. Act like a big child at…..The Toy Museum

Or ‘Spielzeugmuseum’ as its known in Germany. If you upgraded your ticket after visiting the Palace of Justice, this will gain you free entry. Look at the magnificent collection of toys through history, play with the giant train set. For children and big kids alike!


8. Don’t forget to look up!

All around you there is magnificent German gothic architecture combined with Germanic fairy-tale style buildings dating back to medieval times, take a look at the main square ‘Nürnberger Hauptmarkt’, where there is seasonal markets. The best being Chriskindelmarkt building upto the Christmas period. With the stunning ‘Frauenkirche’ (Church of our Lady) and the amazing ornate detailing of the beautiful fountain ‘Schönen Brunnen’.


Well, what are you waiting for? Get booking those flights!

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