This man drove 8,000km to travel around New Zealand and captured the pictures of these unrealistic places !

We #Findyourtinerary are here sharing story about Jacob Laukaitis co-founder of ChameleonJohn, who launched his first company at the age of 15. He has traveled over 50 countries for the past 3.5 years. His story is going to give you some major travel goals and urge you to travel more.

He drove 8,000km around New Zealand to explore the unrealistic places and captured them so beautifully which will add New Zealand in your “Places you Must visit , Once in a Lifetime” list.

So, Come Join us and be part of this amazing road trip which was Started from Auckland and feel the zeal. His True companion in this road trip was 1996 Mazda SUV car.


We all have heard how amazing and beautiful is New Zealand, but one could have never anticipated how out-of-the world actually it is.

The pictures he shared truly shows why one must visit this awesomeness.


He drove to the Northernmost Point in all of New Zealand that urged him to travel to explore more beauty of NZ. Then… started going South.


A few days later He hiked the highest volcano in the country (which is also a place where they filmed “The Gates of Mordor” for The Lord of The Rings).

Sigh! look how amazing this place is.


The next morning he crossed the famous Tongariro Crossing that took over him 20 kilometers across gorgeous mountains, valleys and lakes.

Man look at that White Beauty… we know its making you more tempted to visit this as soon. Journey is just started 🙂


Eventually he made his way to the South Island and that’s where the real fun began.

Are you all feeling excited ??


First off he went to the Abel Tasman National Park and hiked 70 kilometers literally all across it in just 2 days.


Then he proceeded to Wanaka, which was the most beautiful town he visited throughout the whole trip. Why?

We cannot agree more on this with him!!


Because this… is just one of the places he casually visited during his time there..


On his last day in Wanaka , he decided to see it all from above and thus he jumped from a plane at 4,500 meters above the ground. That. Was. Fun.

We can feel that truly pictures speak 1000 words and make you feel jealous.


Then he proceeded to Queenstown, a little town in the South that claims some of the most beautiful surroundings ever!


Not only that, they have the world’s first commercial bungee jump, which he, of course, couldn’t miss.

These are the adventures, thrills which influences you to travel alone 😉


That same day he went to the very South, into the Fjordland National Park that’s bigger than Cyprus, Qatar, Jamaica and many other countries



It took him over 2 hours to trek to this lake, but he had it all to myself since it’s so remote. What a gorgeous place!


Then he started going back up North by stopping here and there. This was one of the short hikes he did during those stops. I mean… what?!


Eventually he ended up at the foot of Mt. Cook – New Zealand’s highest and most dangerous mountain


The sunset that day was… magical. he was sitting there thinking: “How can this be real life?”

How picture perfect is this?


Then he began making his way back to Auckland, where he would sell his car and officially finish this breathtaking adventure.


However, before he did that he had to visit the real Middle-Earth – the Hobbiton. It was too touristy for his taste, but he was extremely happy to finally see it in real-life


All in all, it was a wonderful adventure he will never forget. And once again… HOW CAN THIS COUNTRY BE REAL? We have absolutely no idea..



Thank You Jacob ! The way you captured, shared made us we were also part of this amazing Journey. You gave us some serious travel goals and made us realize why one should travel and explore the beauty which Mother earth has created.

We are looking forward for more travel inspirations from you. Go Guys Follow him on below links !

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Keep Travelling and exploring!!!

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